What a Day

Up early this morning to greet Colton when Brian brought him to me. I finished dressing and did a couple of things and then took Colton to Camp Thurman. Then home to do something for Jordan and then Kristie and I drove to Austin for Elisabeth’s 2 year old well baby check up. This will be her last appointment with “Dr Nick”. She got two shots and we confirmed that she’s gotten taller (thus thinner) but that she’s still short and a bit chunky.


A brief stop at the Texas Secretary of State’s office to get an apostatle for Jordan’s diploma and then back home. I dropped Kristie off at their temporary home two doors down from 1600 and then headed to Blue Mesa for dinner with some of the Round Robins. Gayle wasn’t available sort of last minute and Laura’s out of town but Vicki and I had fun visiting with Sherry.



Then home to a gillion texts, FB messages and phone calls from school friends about a faculty meeting we have tomorrow. Rumor has it our Ms. Young is leaving her principal position at AHS to be a principal elsewhere….Mansfield HS. It’s much nearer her home so I wouldn’t be shocked if that’s what I hear tomorrow afternoon.


Camp HavinsNest 2014: Day 7

Since he works at Pappadeaux on the weekends Chris and Sarah went home on Friday following the party. He found someone to work his shift on Friday but couldn’t afford to do that for the whole weekend. On Saturday morning Kristie, Elisabeth, Colton, Terry and I went to Bonham. Kristie and Elisabeth only stayed the day but we stayed the night.

Terry, Colton, and cousin Zach fished and had a fun morning this morning along with Uncle Bill and Poppa. We left there after lunch and a bit more fishing and visiting.




I tend to ride with my pillow in my lap when we take road trip. It’s like my lap desk. Colton grabbed a pillow and put it in his lap before we left Bonham announcing he was going to have a desk like Mutti. 


I think we tired him out at camp. He fell asleep on the way home and woke up about the time we got to the Arlington City Limits sign. We dropped our things off at home and then, after a quick stop for an ice cream cone, we took Colton home. Terry and I went to dinner at Campo Verde to celebrate the end of camp and headed home for an early bedtime! :)

I know his parents missed him even though we had several meals at their house this past week but I’m glad Colton was part of our multi-generation Spend the Night part of Camp HavinsNest. The time spent with his uncle was probably his favorite thing but he enjoyed his Cousin Time! too. He’s already talking about next year’s camp and I pointed out that next year he might be my only camper. Sarah and Chris will soon be moving here to the Metroplex since his job with Ernst &Young starts in January (i.e. after he gets his masters in December). She’s going to stay in Austin after he comes here so she can finish the school year. They won’t be here “vacationing” like that did this past week since they will be living here. The Rivera Clan will be in the UAE and I don’t know that they will be using all their vacation time to travel to the US when there are so many other places to visit nearer to where they will be living. I was hoping we could meet them for a Mediterranean Cruise next summer but Kristie says she’s rather go the next year and Terry says no. period. No. 

It was a fun week. Everyone had a great time. Memories were made. What more could I ask for. God is so good.




Silent Sunday: Cousin Time in Bonham





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