Stupid. Again.


“Nolan stressed that she is very concerned with “safety and security” and concerned that, somehow, someone could wrongly interpret an image of a gun emblazoned with the universal sign for prohibiting something.
“I think the general public will be alarmed by it and wonder if people have been allowed to bring guns to school in the past,” Nolan also fretted.”

She said she would prefer “something more subtle.”

Friday Flashback: No Patience for Stupidity

Originally published April 29, 2011, please note, my opinion hasn’t changed.

Share three things that you have no patience for was what Plinky Prompts asked me recently.

I have absolutely no patience for stupid people. I’m not talking about ignorance. Ignorance can be fixed. You just can’t fix stupid. Stupid is a lack of common sense. Often it also means the person is question is silly or frivolously trivial and tiresome. I think some people are born stupid. Others? They are simply working on it all their lives. An example on a “working on it” is the kid I stopped in the hall a while back for no ID. He let me know in no uncertain terms that I was “interfering with his edumacation”. I told him I figured if he didn’t know how to pronounce it he probably wasn’t all that interested in it anyway. He just stared blankly back at me. SIGH. And, once again, the “A” material is totally lost on a freshman.

On the other hand, the kid, years ago, who was sitting in my office at school and heard Kristieand was startled to realize we were related? I’m thinking he was born stupid. When I laughed and said, “Honey, have you not noticed that there are only 3 people in this building named Havins and, we are all related?” he turned to Kristie and said, “CHRIS HAVINS IS YOUR BROTHER????”. Did I mention he’d known Kristie and Chris since elementary school?

There is a special breed of stupid. They tend to be lower level employees who work for some sort of government agency. DriverLicense Bureau. Vital Statistics. They are often unthinking, uncaring, I’m just here for the job “paper pushers”. These are people who ask similar questions to various people to get similar answers. The most common of these questions is “What is your name?”. This is not a problem if your name is David James or Pamela Jane. It’s a large problem if you are named Kathy Sue. If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard this comment/question many times:

“No, dear, Not your nickname. We need tp your real name.”

When I was young I tried to argue them into understanding. Now I handle it very differently by asking one simple question.

“Do I really look so stupid to you that you think I got to be 50+ years old and not know my own name?

I have zero patience for people who ask those sorts of silly questions simply because they are either not willing to think about what they are being told or they spend their day thinking everyone around them is not bright enough to know their own name.

Another thing I have no patience for is prejudice and bigotry in any form. I live in the south. Just because you laugh, and say, “Just Kidding”? That’s not enough. You don’t get a f ree pass from my wrath because you smile and say “Just Kidding”. And if you think saying “Just Kidding” is enough? YOU are an example of “born stupid”.

I also don’t have patience for words like edumacation or gradgeeation. God gave you a brain, people, USE IT! Those words aren’t funny. They make you look stupid. In fact, using them on a regular basis makes me think you are all types of stupid!

Okay, so maybe I just don’t have patience for one thing.


Baby Steps But Steps They Are

Home from the hospital last week. Rehab began in the hospital and in-home the day after I got home. 

Today the nurse removed my staples. The first one stung a little bit and one about midway down didn’t actually hurt but it was more than a sting. But really no big deal at all. 😄


That squiggle is Dr Taunton’s signature/X marks the spot. He put it there while we were talking in pre-op last Monday. 

PT was here from 8:30-9:30. She was here 10:30-11:15. 

The refrigerator had a leak. The repairman was here from 2:30-3:30. 

I’m pooped. 

World War II Fatalities

This Animated Data Visualization of World War 2 Fatalities Is Somewhat Shocking.

The video begins by counting the number of deaths during Word War 2. But by 14:18, it shows how truly blessed we are today. And by 16:35, I’m hopeful for our future…

Happy Birthday, Blaze Dalton!

It’s seems like only a few years since the early morning wake up call from your daddy saying, “It’s Time!” I asked if he meant this morning or now and he replied “Right Now! Bye!” He spoke more in 5 words than some people say in 5 pages of words. Your parents and Brittany headed across town not even taking time to drop off Brittany or, to here Brittany tell it, to stop for red lights. That probably explains why the family who lived 10 miles to the hospital beat the aunt who lived 4 blocks away.

I found Brittany sitting alone in the waiting room without any lights. I turned on the lights and we sorted out why she wasn’t at MiMi’s house (I had to come. I coudn’t stan it!”), and 31 minutes after I walked in the door we overheard staff saying you were here. Your dad walked out a few minutes later and I don’t think I’d ever seen him grin so big. For a man who was always smiling that really says something!

Happy Birthday, BD!

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