Flashback Friday: Triplets 2.0?

IRVING — While some think it’s blasphemous to even compare with the Cowboys are doing this season to the 1990s Super Bowl teams led by the Hall of Fame Triplets of Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith, the resemblence is hard to ignore.

The new triplets of quarterback Tony Romo, receiver Dez Bryant and running back DeMarco Murray have the led Cowboys to the league’s best record at 6-1, riding a six-game winning streak.



(Michael)Irvin, who, like a proud dad, watched Bryant and Murray do a post-touchdown hand shake, like he and Smith used to do, has even given the copy-cat Cowboys his stamp of approval.


He has dubbed them “Triplets 2.0”.

Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray, Tony Romo

Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/2014/10/22/6220607/michael-irvin-says-cowboys-copying.html#storylink=cpy


People I know have been posting a YouTube video about Glen Campbell’s last recording session and his Alzheimer’s. While I’m posting the YouTube here I will readily admit I can’t bear to watch it.

It’s just such a mean disease.

The wisest comment ever made by my daddy was in describing his ex wife, my mom, during her illness.

“Max is the most intelligent person I’ve ever known. She could have done anything in the world and been great it. What she wanted was to teach.
It’s a shame her mind has let her brain down.”

I love that he saw her brain and her mind as two separate entities and once he taught me that it made life easier. Not easy, but easier. I miss them both so much but I lost her long before she was actually gone and that’s part of the unfairness and meanness of Alzheimer’s.

Team Hunter Pence

I have posted before AHS Alum Hunter Pence who plays baseball. Saying Hunter plays baseball is like saying the Himalayan Mountains are tall. A major understatement. Hunter was a star baseball player at Arlington High and then again at UT-Arlington. He is on his 3rd Major League team. One of my dad’s favorite teams…the Giants. The Giants are in the World Series which started last night. Hunter hit a two run homer last night. There was much cheering and screaming at my house.


So this morning the daily announcements come on as they do each morning. And after the two pledges (American and Texas flags) and then our Minute of Silence we here a man’s voice and then another man’s voice.

The Stu Co kids who handle the announcements were replaying the audio of Hunter’s homer from last night. And then explained who he was. How cool is that?!?

I love my school. And I adore watching the man Hunter Pence has become.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For most of last season, the San Francisco Giantsknew they were going nowhere. They spent the entire second half below .500 and approached the final weekend with one goal: Do not let Hunter Pence leave town without a new contract.

“If he leaves town, who knows what’s going to happen?” said Larry Baer, the Giants’ chief executive, in the visiting clubhouse after Game 1 of the World Series on Tuesday night. “Then you get caught up in the swirl with all the teams, and you get into the process — you can talk to him, then everybody can talk to him, all 30 teams.”

The Giants might have re-signed Pence as a free agent, but saw no reason to risk it. Acquiring Pence in July 2012 had been a masterstroke for General Manager Brian Sabean, a crucial part of the team’s second championship in three years. Both sides wanted the relationship to last.

In one day of negotiating with Pence’s agent, before and after a victory over San Diego on the final Friday of the season, the Giants arrived at a deal on the phone in the office of Manager Bruce Bochy: five years, $90 million.

“We hang up and Bochy says, ‘Let’s have some wine,’ ” Baer said. “So Hunter, who doesn’t drink, really, is like, ‘I’ll have a sip.’ So it’s 1 o’clock, we’ve got a day game tomorrow, and we said, ‘Hunter, we’ll get you a car,’ and he says: ‘Oh, no. I’m good to go.’ And he goes outside the door and he gets on his scooter. It’s like, ‘Hunter, we just handed you $90 million, and you take a scooter home?’ He says: ‘Oh, yeah! That’s the way I roll, man.’ He puts his helmet on and, vroom, off he goes with $90 million in his pocket.”

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 I love that the ball went right up to the sign saying “Hunter Pence thinks we’re in Kansas”.


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