Flashback Friday: Sit on It!

When I was in the 10th grade a new sitcom hit ABC’s lineup. Happy Days became an instant success and spun off several other sitcoms over the next decade. The ultimate put down among the teens in the fictional Milwaukee neighborhood was “sit on it!”.

Those who know me even just a little bit know my face leaks at inopportune times.

A parent who doesn’t know me now knows the above as well.
Kristie called me today. At school. From 8200 miles away in Al Ain. The fussing mom – who was being helped as I was notarizing things for her and could clearly see I was doing it – made several cracks about not being a priority since I had answered my cell phone. I put down the phone once as she was fussing. Picked it up again and she started again. I hung up on Kristie. And then realized I’d hung up on my child who I hadn’t spoken to in over a week and hadn’t seen in 2 weeks and might not see for at least 2 years. I started to cry.

And by cry I mean, I lost it. I couldn’t stop crying. I mean I would stop, start to say something and I would start to cry again. Frankly, I am still teary-eyed about it.

Bless the sweet male office aide who went to the bathroom and brought me toilet paper to cry into. When I could talk I explained to the dad just why I was crying. For the 30 minutes or so they continued to be there I cried off and on.

Mom left first. Dad left but called me to apologize. I cried again. Mom called later to sort of apologize. I cried again.

Between our child, her husband, and their child moving to the other side of the planet, the stress of a new office and different duties, new software which isn’t really working, the “no staying late” mantra from most of those around me (which isn’t true, it’s a misunderstanding of the new rules), paras district wide up in arms over some changes that I/UEA are battling, Aunt Vana dying without my getting to her hospital to say good-bye, and a crazier than usual first week of school I guess I am a bit stressed and it came to a head when I hung up on Kristie today. What I should have done was tell that rude mom to go “sit on it”, like Fonzie would have done. Then I should stood up and left them standing there while I talked to Kristie.

Life would be so much easier if
1) My face didn’t leak so easily.
2) I hadn’t been brought up by the Polite Police and things like “Sit on It, Grumpy Biscuits. I’ll be with you when I finish here,” came more naturally to me.

Happy Birthday, Colton Davis!

Six Years Old today. You have blessed us and enriched your life in ways you will never understand…until you a Colton D of your own.


The Younger Twin

A few months before Daddy died one of his sisters died. She was the elder of twin sisters. Today the younger twin, 86 years young, died after a brief illness.

Lavana was beautiful inside and outside. She was a Christian who met my Uncle Tex in college and together they devoted years to Young Life. They would have celebrated their 64th anniversary on September 4. She was the only college graduate in her family and she and Tex set a trend in their family. Both daughters and all 6 grands are college graduates.

This is one of my favorite photos of Vana with her daughters, my cousins Becky and Karen, in dresses she made.

And I love this photo of the twins 6 years ago on their 80th birthday.

My aunt isn’t in the following photos but the photos are all about Vana and Tex. They are photos of my first trip to Colorado at age 9. Annabel and I joined our Williams cousins and their parents on the trip. We stayed near the Young Life ranch Trail West and visited there several times during our trip. In 2006 I took Terry to Trails West while on a Colorado vacation.




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