Praying Spouses

Originally posted last year on this date.

Do you and your spouse pray together on a regular basis?

When we were younger and worked opposite shifts Terry and I prayed together on weekends at dinner, before any road trip and during Sunday School. That was about it, nothing on any sort of schedule or plan.

I prayed daily by myself and with the kids and, of course, I always prayed for him. He prayed alone as well but we seldom prayed together. Once we worked similar shifts we occasionally prayed together but not very often. I guess neither of us really thought about it.

Our lack of together prayer changed a few years ago. After a series of trials and tribulations which attacked our household and our marriage, we began to make praying together each morning a priority. We tend to “get out of the habit” over the summer since I don’t get up when he does but we start back up once I go back to school and although we have prayed together at night,  for some reason, a nightly prayer just isn’t the same for us. Morning prayer is really our preference, it keeps us focused on Him throughout our day. Today [for 2014 it was yesterday] was our first morning prayer of this school year. I can’t explain how that prayer sets my entire day on the right track. I pray alone each morning as I drive to school but our earlier-in-the-day morning prayer, while holding hands as we do so, is what gets my day going in the right direction and I know Terry feels the same way. Praying together is a huge part of what makes Team Havins, Team Havins.

If you don’t pray with your spouse on a regular basis, be it daily or weekly, I highly suggest the two of you begin to do so.


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