T-Minus Three Months and Counting

These two are getting married in 3 months from yesterday.

Three months from today Chris and Sarah will be honeymooning and we will have that 3rd daughter we thought we were getting in 1985. Also 3 months from today 7 of the 10 members of the HavinsNest will be on Carnival Dream enjoying our first Sea Day in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Colton is already planning activities for us all.

Three months from tomorrow Terry and I will be celebrating our 37th anniversary. We have reservations for two at the ship’s Steakhouse.

Three months and a few days will be Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We are celebrating Christmas Eve in Montego Bay Jamaica at a beach resort and Christmas Day will find us swimming with sting rays and snorkeling.

T-Minus Three Months and Counting to a wedding and lots of family fun!

Silent Sunday: Cousin-Time Kids




Tardy Pass

My brother is going to be a day late getting to the Reunion. In my world of high school being late calls for a Tardy Pass. He’s definitely going to get an excused tardy and I won’t even require a doctor’s note although he should be able to provide one.
For some reason David thought yesterday would be a good day to follow in our dad’s footsteps by developing, and passing, a kidney stone.
Daddy passed 3 kidney stones on Christmas afternoon 1967. Was David’s passing his stone just days before his birthday yet another way to follow in Daddy’s footsteps?
Either way…Ouch!
When David called yesterday evening to tell me he was in tremendous pain and at the ER I asked a few questions, told him we’d pray, told him to call when he heard something, and told him I loved him. When I hung up from the call I cried when I told a couple of cousins what he’d said.
David and I have survived our baby brother and our parents. Danny’s death was the biggest shock and Mama’s was the saddest (dementia is mean and horrible) but it’s Daddy I miss the most. For many reasons I am not prepared to lose David. He is the only person with whom I share “our family” childhood memories. The only person left who sat at our dinner table each day. The only person left who shared my first trip to Yellowstone. The only person left who knows the stories of driving to and fro the summers we worked at Six Flags.
I am not ready to be an orphan AND to have no siblings.
Thank you, Heavenly Father, for delivering him from the pain he was in earlier this weekend.


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