A Month of Thanksgiving: Day 26 A “TwoFer”

TwoFer in Texas is Two For the Price of One. Today’s Days of Thanks is a TwoFer since I have already talked about Texas High School football.

Growing up I had a friend named Kathy. We went to church and Sunday School together, we went to school together, our last names started with the same letter so alphabetically we were tossed together in classroom seating charts, we shared a locker for the six years of junior high and high school and we were the best of friends. I ran in two groups throughout my teen years, my church friends and the group which became the Round Robins. She had a group she spent time with at school that was different than my as yet unnamed Robins although our two groups were friends and often overlapped for social functions, lunch, and the occasional slumber party.

Caty was my best friend but Kathy was a close 2nd. From the first day of 7th grade on into our college years we were commonly called “The Kathys” by adults and kids alike. It drove Kathy crazy. She hated it so much that I never told her how much I liked it. After an unhappy year in 6th grade the nickname gave me a sense of belonging, of friendship, of being special. I needed that.

Speaking of nicknames, she gave me mine although others probably think they started it. She was Kit and I was Kat. Together we called ourselves KitKat. No one picked up on it and, to the rest of the world, we remained The Kathys.

We got to pick our teachers and class periods in high school, something many don’t do until college. That is why we were in the same English class through 3 years of Arlington High School and 2 semesters of college. It was a bit of a shock the first time I waked into an English class at UTA and Kathy wasn’t at my side.

Kathy was one of my bridesmaids. She had sisters to be her bridesmaids so I helped serve punch at her wedding.

Over the years we drifted apart. I got married, she who didn’t date in high school found her True Love in college. Although I attempted to stay in touch by phone calls or brief visits to her home she became more and more distant and eventually I stopped trying. I always had the feeling we weren’t good enough Christians in her eyes. I kind of think she thought Terry was a bit of a heathen and that I had fallen out of her good graces because of it. I’m not sure why, exactly I thought that, just an impression I had when she mentioned him. He did broaden my very narrow outlook on the world but we both love the Lord with all our hearts and look to Him in all things. Whatever the reason we drifted away from one another we have spoken a handful of times over the years. She called one summer evening about a family tragedy. The funeral of her newborn nephew became one of 14 funerals I attended that summer. Mostly, though, we stayed in touch by Christmas cards and, later, by graduation announcements.

Several years ago, on the day before Thanksgiving, I saw Kathy’s mom at the grocery store. She told me Kathy had breast cancer. When I expressed my desire to call or to take a meal I was told she “wasn’t handling it well” and asked to not call or send a card or take a meal. Instead her mom said simply to pray. Which I did. Some weeks or months later one of the Round Robins realized she and Kathy attended the same church. They are now in a Bible Study together. I ask about her from time to time, Vicki says Kathy has recovered from her cancer and that she and her family are doing well.

Today is Kathy’s birthday. There isn’t a November 26 that I don’t think of her and miss her. I miss the friendship we shared. I hate that our children didn’t know one another. I am angry at myself for never sending a card or calling when she was ill even though I did as I was asked. She remains in my daily prayers.

I am thankful for Kathy. For the kids we were together and for the adult she became even though that relationship was lost in adulthood.

Happy Birthday, Kit. I miss you.

A Month of Thanksgiving: Day 26

I am thankful for Texas High School Football. I’ve been watching what people call “Friday Night Lights” since I was a baby. My children all attended their first high school football game before their second birthday. Those games have provided fun, angst, enjoyment, and heartbreak.

This game, played 20 years ago today, is what some call the Greatest High School Football Game ever. Some call it the Greatest Comeback that Never Happened. We were at home listening to it on the radio. What a wild ride! I have a friend (a former AHS Assistant Principal) who was a John Tyler coach that year.

Month of Thanksgiving: Day 25

We work only Monday and Tuesday the week of Thanksgiving each year. Wednesday is a student holiday. Paras can use comp time or take a personal day and the teachers exchange the hours they have earned taking technology classes for the day off. As much as I love my job I am always grateful for that two day work week for this week when I’m so busy at home. I spent Saturday grocery shopping and Sunday I did some prep work. I did more prep work last night. I love to cook and do for others but I admit to getting tired quicker and bouncing back slower than I used to.

I am glad this week was only 2 school days and then onto the long holiday weekend.


November 26…………………………………Staff Development
November 27– 28………………………………….Thanksgiving


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