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Amazing the Things One Learns from Reading for Fun

I read a book (the new Jan Karon) while we were on the cruise that caused me to Finally figure out how to spell Daddoh/DadDo/Daddo and where it came from.

It is the Irish informal for Grandfather or, rather, since it is the informal it’s Irish for Grandpa.

To pronounce Daideo: Although this may look like 1950s Beat jive (Daddy-O), it’s not the same! The Irish “Daideo” is a two-syllable word, whereas “Daddy-O” is three. Also, the “d” in the middle of “Daideo” is pronounced “caol” or “slender” in Irish. Depending on what dialect of Irish one speaks, the “slender d” is a little or a lot like the sound “j” in English. The “eo” vowel is one long “oh” sound, even though it’s not marked as a long vowel. So “Daideo” is pronounced “dadj-oh.”

Don’t know how my DadDo ended up with an Irish name and using the dialect which barely makes the “j” sound and, although probably no one but me cares, I’m excited to see where it came from and how to spell Terry’s grandpa name the way it should be spelled.


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