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Shopping Spree

Katie and I went to Dillard’s Department Store  on Sunday for their Annual New Year’s Day 50% Off sale – that is 50% off on top of already marked down prices. We like the Dillard’s at Northeast Mall better than the one at the Parks Mall so that is where we went. We skipped church and were there by 9 although they didn’t open until 10. Katie had a Starbucks coffee thingie and I had a hot chocolate so we passed a pleasant hour waiting on te doors to open by simply chatting.

Katie has always been my best shopper. When she was 5 weeks old Mama took her shopping at Tiche’s. Mama would hold up an outfit, if Katie smiled, moved her arms and/or legs or made some other positive action Mama bought it. If Katie didn’t respond Mama put the outfit back on the rack. When we left Tiche’s Katie had about 10 new dresses, most of them bought off the sale rack and all of them in the colors she looked/looks best in.

I  got roughly $1200 worth of clothes for $176.00. I love shopping with Katie. She finds the best deals. Plus she picks out clothes for me that are totally out of my comfort zone and I look good on them. Today I wore slacks and jacket from a Dillard’s trip with Katie the day after Mama died and a purple top she picked out on Sunday. I cannot tell you how many compliments I received on my outfit.

Best deal of the day…Ralph Lauren brown dress slacks for $6.98.

After our shopping trip we had lunch at Olive Garden and then she dropped me off at home. Brian’s mom heard about Katie’s good deals so they went to the Parks Dillard’s and did some more shopping. His Shammy bought Colton new jammies and lots of fun things.

I love spending time with our kids and love that they are our friends as well as our children.


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