Spring Break Trip!

My Tuesday Morning FB Status:
Being kidnapped by my husband. Do NOT try to save me. ♥
Heading south to San Antonio and Austin.
Be back in time to make/decorate Tighe’s groom’s cake for Saturday.
Tuesday Night’s FB Status:
What a great day! Wandered the Riverwalk, dinner at Casa Rio, explored this beautiful old hotel, enjoyed some time taking pictures of the Alamo, wandered around downtown, bought Colton a tee-shirt, had a 2 hour Night Lights and Ghosts Segway Tour and finishing off with our day with a nightcap of chocolate chip cookies and ice water.

Last Night’s FB Status:

Loving my Spring Break kidnap trip. :)

Today we spent more time exploring the Menger Hotel and former digs of Theodore Roosevelt and his Rough Riders


and then checked out the lobbies of other hotels in the Alamo Plaza area, wandered the grounds of The Alamo,

visited and explored the other missions,

had a late lunch with Kristie and Jordan at a little dive of a restaurant Jordan’s family has been eating at for decades call Tip Top Cafe,

drove to their house to spend the night, munched on sushi and chips in lieu of supper and relaxed.
Exhausted but having so much fun.
From this afternoon:

Left Austin about 3:30 this afternoon: Headed home. We have certainly had a lot of fun, seen a lot of things, eaten some great local food and laughed more than I can describe in the past 65 hours. We will stop at the Czech Stop in West for kolaches for tomorrow’s breakfast. We might have to eat one on the way home, too, just for quality control purposes, donchaknow?

And from this evening:

Home again, home again, jiggety-jog.

I’ve added photos to my Spring Break Album if you are so inclined to look.

We are home from our trip to San Antonio and Austin. This trip which Terry planned and executed totally on his own without even telling me he was thinking about it. I told him this “kidnap trip” was the single most romantic thing he’s ever done. We have certainly had a lot of fun, seen a lot of things, eaten some great local food and laughed more than I can describe in the past 65 hours!

AND we came home with a new flat screen tv and blu ray player. Kristie and Jordan had bought them for his mom last year and she seldom watched them and then didn’t take them when she moved to the retirement home and they moved to Austin. They gave them to us. :five:

I’ll have Colton tomorrow and I will also work on Tighe’s cake and dip the strawberries. Also have to go retrieve our Ranger tickets from FedEx. Figures they came while we’re gone, doesn’t it?

About Kathy

We read fairy tales and Harry Potter. We believe in the spirit of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Most of all we believe in God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and in His Holy Word which was perfect in its original texts, our salvation through the blood of His son, Jesus Christ, the Resurrection and His Ascension back to heaven and Christ's promise of Eternal Life.

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  1. It sounds like a fabulously fun trip. You saw cool sights–ate good food, relaxed~and come home to tix!

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