Flashback Friday: Economic Questions for Our Time

Originally posted in September 26, 2008 and still pertinent today although I updated one question.

According to Jody Dean and Mitch Carr

* 20. When did we decide that every teenager needs a limo for the prom?

* 19. Who decided that people with no savings for a down payment should have a house?

* 18. Where did we get the idea that an Army vehicle would make a nice car to run around town?

* 17. What logic gave 6th graders unlimited texting?

* 16. Where did we get the idea that keeping up with the Joneses meant “Jerry”?

* 15. How did the TV get to be bigger than the sofa in front of it?

* 14. Why does every home makeover now have to be “extreme”?

* 13. When did we decide that a $150 concert ticket was “not bad”?

* 12. Who told us that a $4 cup of coffee made sense?

* 11. When did teenagers turning 16 start getting a driver’s license AND cosmetic surgery?

* 10. Where in the Bible do preachers find that God wants everyone to be wealthy?

* 9. Who decided that we should “Just Do It” instead of having to wait?

* 8. When did client lists become more important than Christmas card lists?

* 7. Why do people spend more time at health clubs than at dinner with friends?

* 6. How did we get pet spas?

* 5. Why have TIME and LIFE been replaced with SELF and US?

* 4. What is the reason again for Snookie?

* 3. How can you make money without investing any of your own?

* 2. When did every ride need to be pimped?

* 1. Who decided the “red carpet” needed a show of its own?

About Kathy

We read fairy tales and Harry Potter. We believe in the spirit of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Most of all we believe in God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and in His Holy Word which was perfect in its original texts, our salvation through the blood of His son, Jesus Christ, the Resurrection and His Ascension back to heaven and Christ's promise of Eternal Life.

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  1. He forgot one, “When did we start thinking it made SENSE to buy water in a bottle?”

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