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Lying, coercing, manipulating, defrauding, and scheming — for marriage equality!


This is terribly unfair to both gays and those who are straight. It’s gotten so that it’s hard to tell if a story is true and really happened or if it was manufactured to try to make a point and then the truth came out destroying any good that it might have done. Ridiculous that they did it and I hope they are either docked pay and days or fired. The radio “personalities” made the whole thing up and eventually admitted it. Just Ridiculous. Why in the world do people do things like that? It just makes it harder for any group (no matter what their sexual orientation, politics, race, etc) these idiot think they are “trying to help/bring attention to” to get any respect at all!

Originally posted on The Matt Walsh Blog:

We all know the score.

This is how the game is played.

They lie, and cooperate with lies, and become willing participants in things that are very likely to be lies, and they do it all for the greater good.

Did you hear about the infamous gay bashing birthday party RSVP from earlier this week? The story set social media on fire. Two gay dads threw a tie dye party for their 7-year-old daughter, Sophia, and invited all of the neighborhood children over to celebrate. But some anti-gay mother (probably a Christian, as countless people on Facebook and Twitter observed) declined the invitation, and she did so in the rudest way possible. Rather than simply offering a polite ‘sorry, we can’t make it,’ she jotted down a vicious anti-gay rant, and sent it to Sophia’s dads.

The note said: “Tommy will NOT attend. I do not believe in what you…

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Why Don’t You Ever Take a Lunch Break?


I hear that question fairly often. Truth is, this year and last year I have been taking lunch breaks because my husband and my doctor have told me I must do so. I am trying to take a lunch break every day I can even if all I do is go sit in Annie the Equinox or lock my office doors and sit at my desk and eat and look at email or Facebook. There are days or weeks where it doesn’t work out well for lunches. Last week with it being a grade reporting week, as well as the first week of the semester and tons of new kids were enrolling, is an example of a week I didn’t get many lunch breaks.

Twice last week I tried to take a lunch break.  It was cold enough that I didn’t want to sit in the car. My office is really a passage way and kitchen so it has a door on either side of the west end. I locked the door to the hallway and closed the door which leads to the counseling office. I had people use their master key to get in to my office or, if they didn’t have a master key with them they walked around to the front door of the counseling office and come into my office through that door. In either case they would say something about the door being locked and I would point out that I always lock it when I’m at lunch. I even had one teacher who, as she left through the locked door, ask me if I wanted her to unlock it for me. Uh, no. I’m AT LUNCH and don’t really want people trooping in and out of my office interrupting my lunch. She looked at me and said, “Oh,” (insert airplane noises here as the conversation was obviously above her head).

Today I put a Do Not Disturb sign up ON TOP OF the door handle and lock.

Several people moved the sign to unlock the door, a couple of people knocked (which I ignored) and two people (one of whom was also a Knocker) came through the counseling office door. When I pointed out I  had the door locked and a sign that said Do Not Disturb the Knocker said to me, “I know; I saw it. I was just curious what you were doing in here.”

This, my friends, is why I don’t get a lunch break even when I take one!

Chopped Liver

My son in law’s stepmom “Someone” I know wrote a glowing (public at the time she write it) report about her family on FB last night. She apparently considers him and his wife..our daughter… and their child to be “nothings” as she left them off her list of blessings. When I inquired about their family status being chopped liver she deleted my post.

Pretty sad. She’s missing out on a lot AND no one should ever be made to feel unloved, especially by family.

Quoted from “Someone”:
After looking at all the Christmas pictures and picking up the remains of last night I was reminded of how truly blessed I am. I have a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful, loving children, a caring, sweet son in law, a quirky, fun step daughter and 5 absolutely gorgeous, energetic grand children. I couldn’t ask for anything more!

There were lots of comments in a 20 hour period. But then, Poof, no more comments.

Much to my amusement, my post from late last night, along with all the comments that went with it, has vanished from FB.

“Someone” must have been offended and reported it as spam or as offensive.

Sadly, she works for her church and announces her Christianity at regular intervals but her actions and words in a public forum like FB show something else.


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