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The (fake) Hate Crime Epidemic


What is wrong with people? Whatever it is seems to cause many to say things which are totally untrue simply to get attention for the hate crime they are say happened. It’s going to become like the little boy who called Wolf too many times and, I fear the true hate crimes and stories will go unnoticed in a field of ‘made up” hate crimes, bullying and ridiculous stories and behavior.

Originally posted on The Matt Walsh Blog:

There are real victims in this world. There are people who have really suffered. There are people who have been preyed upon. There are people who have been hurt. Really hurt. There are people who have been raped, abused, molested, oppressed.

There are victims in this world, and I’m sure they’d agree with me when I say this: you shouldn’t want to be one of them. In America, we’ve turned Victimhood into a billion dollar business. We are apparently so bored and so comfortable that we gaze enviously at the “lucky” souls who have endured the slings and arrows of actual persecution.

Maybe it’s part of our obsession with being noticed. We find admiration too difficult to earn, so we settle for admiration’s whiny cousin: pity. Our grandparent’s generation never wanted pity, even when their situation warranted it. We, on the other hand, find it to be more profitable and…

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I Am A Racist?


By these standards I must also be a racist. Of course, it’s also racism to cal me one based on the fact that I don’t like someone’s policy and the someone happens to be a different race than I.

Originally posted on The Matt Walsh Blog:

The University of Alabama’s student newspaper has been forced to apologize after printing a profoundly disturbing, offensive, racist political cartoon about the president. Here’s the cartoon [Warning: NSFW]:


The students of UA — leaders of the future, the greatest young minds in the country, the best and the brightest — were driven to the edge of rebellion by this sick and twisted, racially motivated attack against the Greatest President to Ever Preside Over Any Country Anywhere at Any Point Ever.

Here’s just one of the hundreds of angry comments that poured in after this horrible hate crime cartoon was published:

“I am completely and utterly disgusted with The University of Alabama. No matter where you stand with your beliefs and how much you disagree with his decisions, [Obama] has EARNED his position in office and deserves the respect that all of the past presidents received. Ask yourself, what does this…

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Government Shutdown: Who is Responsible?


Lots of finger pointing going on regarding the US Budget (or lack thereof) and the Government Shutdown that began October 1. I am appalled at some of the things I’ve seen in print and on the TV news coming from both sides of the arguments. And then the seemingly high handed attitude of “close things until it hurts” bothers me, too. I’m shocked that our government attempted to close, as in barricade, the Word War II Memorial in DC which was paid mostly with PUBLIC Funding ( as in, $200 million in private donations — plus $15 million or so from Washington, so maybe they Feds – using our tax money – bought the grass or a small part of the concrete?)/ It’s an open-air monument that’s open24 hours a day. 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You walk up to it, you look at it, you touch it, you take photos, you cry and then you then walk away. Why did it need to be closed? To make a point. Yesterday I heard a report about the President trying to control the ocean. The Florida Bay, part of it is a National Seashore, has been closed. I’m not certain how that’s going to work. I don’t think I understand the need to close off the National Seashore since it’s not a place one has to pay to go into but maybe someone is concerned too many people will leave trash and there’s no one to pick it up (Shame on those among us who do the littering!). I have also seen references to an unnamed Park Service Employee who says they were told to “Make life as difficult for people as we can.”

According to the Washington Times:

“We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can,” an angry Park Ranger told the Times. “It’s disgusting.”

According to the Times, the Park Service has been shutting down streets “on mere whim and caprice.”


Rangers closed the parking lot at Mount Vernon, the plantation home of George Washington, even though the park is privately owned by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association.

The Times said the parking lot is jointly owned with the Association, but a Ranger said closing the lot was simply “a cheap way to deal with the situation.”

In another report, the Times said Park Rangers blocked the entrance to The Pisgah Inn, a private hotel located southwest of Asheville, N.C., that holds a concession on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Owner Bruce O’Connell, however, is defying federal authorities, arguing that his place of business is private property on a road that is still open.

“I’m questioning their authority to shut me,” he said.

I am saddened by what looks like bullying in some cases. The Inn mentioned above sits on private land on a public thoroughfare. We haven’t shut down other Parkways, interstate highways or US highways. Why this one? In previous shutdowns the park associations at the various national parks and historic places stayed open are were able to keep places like Mt Vernon open but this time they’ve been forced to shutdown even though they are private non-profits. I am confused over the hows and whys of all this. And by the way, if I see one more comment about the 28th Amendment (there are only 27!!!!) I may have a screaming fit.

But back to the finger pointing. I keep seeing “It’s all the Republicans fault” since they don’t want to fund the Affordable HealthCare Act (aka ObamaCare). Then I see “It’s the fault of the Democratic Senate” because they won’t compromise. I think they are all acting like spoiled brats and we, The American People, are the ones suffering. I posted on Facebook the day before the shutdown something I still feel 5 days later.

Disgusted at the My Way or the Highway mentality BOTH sides of the aisle have.

The best compromise is the one where BOTH sides are unhappy when negotiations are complete. A compromise is not BOTH sides pointing fingers and whining, “You won’t do it my way. I won’t be your best friend.”

I saw this article today. I like the way the author, Thomas Sowell, explains things although I think the leaning may be a bit toward the Republican viewpoint based on his closing paragraph.

Even when it comes to something as basic, and apparently as simple and straightforward, as the question of who shut down the federal government, there are diametrically opposite answers, depending on whether you talk to Democrats or to Republicans.

There is really nothing complicated about the facts. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted all the money required to keep all government activities going — except for ObamaCare.

This is not a matter of opinion. You can check the Congressional Record. (my link added

As for the House of Representatives’ right to grant or withhold money, that is not a matter of opinion either.

You can check the Constitution of the United States. All spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives, which means that Congressmen there have a right to decide whether or not they want to spend money on a particular government activity.

…the whole point of having a division of powers within the federal government is that each branch can decide independently what it wants to do or not do, regardless of what the other branches do, when exercising the powers specifically granted to that branch by the Constitution.

The hundreds of thousands of government workers who have been laid off are not idle because the House of Representatives did not vote enough money to pay their salaries or the other expenses of their agencies — unless they are in an agency that would administer ObamaCare.

Since we cannot read minds, we cannot say who — if anybody — “wants to shut down the government.” But we do know who had the option to keep the government running and chose not to. The money voted by the House of Representatives covered everything that the government does, except for ObamaCare.

The Senate chose not to vote to authorize that money to be spent, because it did not include money for ObamaCare.

If Senator Reid and President Obama refuse to accept the money required to run the government, because it leaves out the money they want to run ObamaCare, that is their right. But that is also their responsibility.

You cannot blame other people for not giving you everything you want. And it is a fraud to blame them when you refuse to use the money they did vote, even when it is ample to pay for everything else in the government.
None of this is rocket science. But unless the Republicans get their side of the story out — and articulation has never been their strong suit — the lies will win. More important, the whole country will lose.


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